Tungsten trioxide – Properties and Applications |

What is Tungstentrioxide? Tungsten Trioxide is a powdery triclinic crystal in a light yellow color. If the temperature rises above 740degC it becomes orange tetragonal polycrystalline crystals that return to its original state upon cooling. It is s...…


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What is Titanium dioxide?Titanium dioxide is a powder and used as a white pigment in various products, such as sunscreens, paints, and plastics. Titanium dioxide may can boost and brighten white opacity as how well it scatters light. In food and drug...…


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The ATO nanoparticles obtained from hydrothermal synthesis

The ATO nanoparticles obtained from hydrothermal synthesis only possess an electrical conductivity of 5·10−4 S/cm. This is contradictory to the results of Zhang and Gao, who claim that this hydrothermal route yields highly conductive ATO nanoparticle...…

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