Ultra-hard titanium nitride coating

Titanium nitride is a compound whose molecular formula is TiN. TiN powder is generally yellowish brown, ultrafine TiN powder is black, and TiN crystals are golden yellow. TiN has a melting point of 2950°C and a Mohs hardness of 8-9. The the…


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NSP-3 Molecular Sieve

NSP-3 molecularsieve is a crystal silicon aluminate. It has developed a three-dimensional structure and strong Polarity. It is capable of absorbing CO2 and mercaptan molasses with strong adsorption. NSP-3 Molecular Sieve: NSP-3 molecularsieve is...…


Could Google's Pixel 6 leap forward the way the iPhone X did?

Apples highly anticipated iPhone 13 event came and went, showcasing the companys 2021 line of phones with impressive specs and many perks.But CNETs own review of the iPhone 13 had a headline saying it wasnt fundamentally different from the i…


Hollow glass powder is a lightweight and multifunctional material

Hollow glass powder is a micron-level hollow glass micro sphere with a smooth surface. The main chemical component is silicate glass.…

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