Introduction of the upper material of sports shoes

The upper material of sports shoes can be divided into natural leather, PVC, PU, ​​nubuck, microfiber, mesh…


A new member of the sports shoe family: A few talks about several flying woven upper materials

Flying woven upper and light running shoes, the latter two terms are estimated that few people have heard of, especially flying woven upper. Put, it is a leading shoe processing technology in China. Applying this technology to running shoes…


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Study on production technology of spherical graphite

The formation of natural flake graphite is formed under extremely high temperature and high pressure.…


High Purity Telluride Copper CuTe Powder Cas 12019-23-7, 99.9%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Telluride Copper CuTe Powder Cas 12019-23-7, 99.9%.…


How opal is formed

Opal is formed when a silicic acid solution seeps into cracks or pores in the rock. Sometimes it seeps into the tissues of animals and plants inside the strata and forms opals, such as wood and fossil roll shell opals. A steady supply of gem-grade op...…

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