2020 Guangzhou International Vacuum Coating Technology and Equipment Exhibition-Trunnano will attend

Tongrun is one of the world's largest nanomaterial manufacturers. The company's products include metal films, oxides, fluorides, sulfides, titanates, mixtures, and other films, sputtering targets, and metal targets. , Alloy targets, ceramic


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Who is the largest producer of iron oxide

International context. Global iron ore production is estimated at 2,537 million tonnes in 2021, slightly higher than the 2,472 million tonnes produced in 2020. Australia is the leading global iron ore producer, accounting for 35% of the total production. Introduction. Iron oxides are widely used as industrial food pigments to color sweets, olives, or cheese rinds (EFSA, 2015). Naturally occurring iron oxide, iron hydroxide, iron carbide, and iron pentacarbonyl are water-insoluble. There are THRE


Manufacturing process of synthetic graphite

What is graphite?Flexible graphite – expanded or exfoliated graphite – is produced from purified natural graphite flakes. In manufacturing, the flakes are mixed with a highly oxidizing acid to produce graphite intercalation compounds. A sudden application of high temperature expands these. The resulting product expanded graphite, is mechanically compressed into shaped products, mainly graphite foil. Although still showing the unique properties of natural graphite, e.g. its excellent conductivity


What you should know about artificial graphite

Artificial graphite, is similar to polycrystals in crystallography. There are many kinds of artificial graphite, and the production process is very different.

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