Types of Water Reducing Admixtures

The powder content is 0.3-0.7% of the total glue, and the liquid content is 1.0-1.2% of the total glue volume. Concrete water-reducing admixture must be added with the mixing water into the mixer and stirred until the specified time. The water-reduci...…


What Are Water Reducing Admixtures

Water Reducing Admixtures are mainly used in areas that experience hot and humid weather for concrete pumping, tremie, and placing. Careful concrete placement becomes required since the "initial" time to set will typically occur 1 hour earlier. It ha...…


What are the disadvantages of water reducing admixtures in concrete

The limitations are increased drying shrinkage due to higher water content, cement concrete, and paste-to-aggregate ratio. Higher air contents may be required to provide adequate resistance to freezing, thawing, and salt scaling, and higher air conte...…


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