How to Get Rid of the Burden of Public Welfare?

Water Drop Fundraising focuses on serious illness, and provides free fees and one-to-one consulting services.


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Effect the addition of foam agent on some properties of cement mortar

Foamed concrete is a class of lightweight concrete; foam concrete (F.C.) doesn't consist of coarse gravel and can be considered an aerated mortar. This paper presents the results obtained by using foam agent type (EABSSOC) to produce foam concrete (F.C.); the rate of cement to sand is 1:2, while the W/C were 50% and 45%, foam agent (F.A.) was added with percentages (1 and 0.8) %. The results showed that the optimum composition, which contained 0.8wt. % of foam agents have higher values of compre


Fe3O4 has found interesting and important applications in different science

As a ferromagnetic powder and conductive material, Fe3O4 has found interesting and important applications in different science, technology, and industry sectors. Fe3O4 magnetic powder has a very common application as black pigment. The time-dependent magnetism property of Fe3O4 is an advantage for applications at different temperatures for particular purposes. The unique electronic structure of Fe3O4 originates from the combination of ferric and ferrous ions, making it a superconductor while bei


What Are the Advantages of a Gallium Nitride Battery?

Gallium nitride, which is a combination of gallium and nitrogen, is a semiconductor material that is increasingly used in power electronics.

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