How to Get Rid of the Burden of Public Welfare?

Water Drop Fundraising focuses on serious illness, and provides free fees and one-to-one consulting services.…


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Influence of Concrete Foaming Agent on Foam Concrete (2)

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Frontrunner Vaccine Will Affact the Price of Lithium perchlorate trihydrate (LiClO4

CEO of Pfizer partner BioNTech says coming winter will be hard but by April, 300 million immunization units should be ready, which will have an impact on the global pandemic.If coronavirus vaccination…


Aluminum oxide coating can protect the positive electrode of lithium-ion battery

Anulekha Haridas, a postdoctoral researcher at Rice University, reportedly used the constructed lithium-ion full cell to test the effect of the alumina coating on the positive electrode. Studies have shown that the nano-coating can protect t…

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