What is Web3?

On a basic level, the idea behind Web3 is to add the world wide web as we know it, and add blockchain (the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin) to everything. The web was once considered a utopia, where anyone can do anything…


Is Web3 the Internet of the future?

The nascent era of the Internet in the 1990s was Web 1.0. The Internet is seen as a way to democratize access to information, but there is no other good way to navigate apart from visiting your friends GeoCities page. This is very confusing…


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Researchers develop novel nanoparticle that efficiently and selectively kills cancer cells

The amorphous nanoparticles dissolve very efficiently in the cell. Many chemotherapeutic agents used to treat cancers are associated with side-effects of varying severity, because they are toxic to normal cells as well as malignant tumors.…


Structural properties and applications of titanium nitride

Titanium nitride is a structural material with attractive golden yellow color, high melting point, high hardness, excellent chemical stability, and low wetting with metals, and has high electrical conductivity and superconductivity.…


Factors Affecting the Price of Nanomaterials

Factors that influence the price of Nanomaterials Many factors affect the price of nanomaterials. Several factors influence the price of. They include physical methods healthcare-related applications and cost implications. Here is a look at some of ...…

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