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High Quality EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide Emulsion

is a reliable supplier for high quality EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide Emulsion.…


When choosing a foaming agent for foamed concrete, you must pay attention to the accuracy of the material name

Lightweight concrete, also known as foam concrete, is to fully foam the foaming agent mechanically through the foaming system of the foaming machine, mix the foam and cement slurry evenly, and then pass the pumping system of the foaming mach…


What is Nitinol and Where is it Used

How do I know what Nitinol is? where can it be found? whether you're a healthcare professional or patient you might want to learn about the nitinol process and how it can be used. Nitinol , a metal, is used in a number of medical applications, inclu...…

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