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High Purity Gallium Nitride GaN powder CAS 25617-97-4, 99.99%

Gallium Nitride, or GaN, is a mechanically and heat-resistant semiconductor compound. In its pure form, it has a band-gap of 3.4 eV. Purity: 99.99% Gallium Nitride GaN: Gan Gallium Nitride This is a semiconductor compound that is mechanically hard and has high thermal conductivity. In its pure form, it has a band-gap of 3.4eV. Gallium Nitride has the following properties: CAS Number CAS 2561797-4 Purity


Neuroscientists tap gamers to learn how people problem-solve

Fans of Candy Crush Saga, Flow Free or Minesweeper should check out a challenging new mobile game app, hexed, that will stretch your brain as it helps brain researchers understand human strategic thinking and perhaps improve the reasoning o


Boron carbide Powder – Property and Application |

Boron carbide Also known as black diamond or organic matter, boron carbide is an organic compound with a molecular structure of B4C. It is usually gray-black micropowder. Boron carbide is among the hardest known materials. Property of Boron Carbide Boron carbide doesn't react with acids and alkali solution. This is one of the strongest acids and it is stable in concentrated acidic or alkali water solutions. Boron carbonide can be kept at a temperature of 800oC for a long time in an atmo

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