What Do Nanoparticles Do to the Body?

Nanoparticles are small molecules that have different properties. Some of them clump together to create self-assembling fibrils. These fibrils are linked to various medical conditions. These include amyloid fibrils, which produce plaques in cells. Ot…


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Finally, A Spin Wave Is Observed in A Two-dimensional Magnet

The collective motion of the interacting spin system in the order magnetic body due to various excitations is called spin wave or magnon.…


WS2 powder physical properties and preparation

What is WS2 p owder? Tungsten disulfide is an inorganic compound with the formula WS2 and molecular weight 247.97. Gray with the metallic luster of fine crystals or powder, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, semiconductor, and diama…


What are Nickel alloys?

What are Nickel alloys? Nickel alloys consist of nickel as a base with other elements added. The Monel alloy produced around 1905, which contains about 30% copper, is an earlier nickel alloy. Nickel has good mechanical, physical, and chemic…

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