Why aluminium carbide has high hardness

What is Aluminium Carbide? Aluminium carbide also known as aluminum tetracarbide with the molecular formula Al4C3, and is a form of aluminium carbonide. It is an ionic, translucent, hard, yellowish brown, hard rhombic hexagonal crystal. At room temperature it doesn't conduct electricity and has a complex crystal structure. It is possible to have 4,5-6 coordinated metal atoms within the system. The length of Al-C bonds in this system is 1.90-2.22A. The shortest CC bond is 3.16A. The Xray studi


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NSP-3 Molecular Sieve

NSP-3 molecularsieve is a crystal silicon aluminate. It has developed a three-dimensional structure and strong Polarity. It is capable of absorbing CO2 and mercaptan molasses with strong adsorption. NSP-3 Molecular Sieve: NSP-3 molecularsieve is a crystal silicon aluminate. It has developed a three-dimensional pores structure and strong Polarity. It has strong adsorption properties on CO2 molecules and mercaptan, making it suitable for deep removals of CO2 from natural gas. It has a l


What is Ti6Al4V

Product Description. Ti-6Al-4V is a titanium alloy with high specific strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is one of the most commonly used titanium alloys. High tensile strength and lightweight/low density: The military, aviation, and aerospace industries have long benefited from these properties of Ti-6Al-4V. It is used in the structural components of aircraft, hydraulic systems, engine components, helicopter rotor blades, rockets, and spacecraft. Commonly referred to as Ti-6AL-4V,


The Applications of Stainless Steel 316L Powder

Overview of Stainless Steel 316L Black Powder 316 stainless steel 316L contains more carbon than 316L. The L is for "low" so this is very easy to remember. 316L does not contain as much carbon but is nearly identical to 316L. The cost is similar and they are both durable and corrosion-resistant. This makes them a popular choice in high-stress environments. This alloy also contains nickel and chromium. It is more resistant to corrosion than 316L. A 317L alloy, which has an even higher

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