Why aluminium carbide has high hardness

What is Aluminium Carbide? Aluminium carbide also known as aluminum tetracarbide with the molecular formula Al4C3, and is a form of aluminium carbonide. It is an ionic, translucent, hard, yellowish brown, hard rhombic hexagonal crystal. At room te...…


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OPEC+, an oil producers' alliance led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, stuck to its original plan to increase output by just 432,000 b/d in June, continuing to defy calls from major consumers led by the United States to pump more oil to keep prices down.…


Small structures: single molecule study of protein ligand interaction: arranging small molecules on DNA origami with sub nanometer precision

chemistry is not only the art of regulating studying molecular structure but also a powerful tool for exploring life developing drugs. One by one the synthesis of nanomolecules has changed from a few tens of nanomolecules to a few tens of n…


Do not allow sideloading make iOS safer

The European Commission proposedDigital Markets Act may force iPhone to load applications on the European side. In response to the bill, Apple shared an in-depth document emphasizing the security and privacy risks of side loading. Side down…

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