Potassium silicate glass and potassium silicate inorganic nano resin

What does potassium silicate mean? Potassium silicate Also known as potassium metasilicate. There are three kinds of it: 1K2SiO3=154.29; colorless crystal which is usually greenish or blocky. Its melting point at 976. It can be dissolved in water...…


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What happens when you vibrate quartz

What is Quartz powder?Quartz powder may be used as a filler in manufacturing rubber, paint, and putty. Screened and washed, fastidiously sized quartz grains are used as filter media and roofing granules. Quartz Powder is used for traction in the rail...…


Effect of Foaming Agent

The study focuses on ultra-light foam concrete (FC) as a thermal insulation material. Two important properties of such material were investigated: compressive strength and thermal conductivity. In the conducted tests, the influence of the air-dry den...…


The cement type employed in foam concrete was compared

Then, the cement type employed in foam concrete was compared regarding thermal conductivity. The obtained results for foam concrete with the considered Buildings 2022, 12, 1176 17 of 20 densities below 500 kg/m3 revealed the beneficial effect of CSA ...…

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