Various Uses of Nanometer Bismuth Oxide

Is there a nanobismuth oxide? Nanometer bismuth oxide Also known as Bismuth Trioxide, a compound that has an organic molecular structure of Bi2O3 is one the most important bismuth compounds. While bismuth can be extracted from natural bismuth blo...…


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What are the disadvantages of water reducing admixtures in concrete

The limitations are increased drying shrinkage due to higher water content, cement concrete, and paste-to-aggregate ratio. Higher air contents may be required to provide adequate resistance to freezing, thawing, and salt scaling, and higher air conte...…


Sodium stearate essential for cleaning products

Introduction to sodium Stearate Sodium stearate usually refers to sodium Octadecanoic. It is an organic chemical with the formula C17H35COONa. This white oily powder has a pleasant, smooth texture and mild odor. The reaction between octadecanoic and...…


3D Printing Alloy Spherical Cobalt Powder

Cobalt powder can be purchased as spheres. Two types of nanopowder are available: chemical, submicron and granular. Further information on 3D printing aluminumspheres with cobalt Powder Co. Product description Spherical Cobalt Powder Co Pro...…

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