Witconate NAS-88 Sodium Sulfonate CAS 5324-84-5

Sodium Sulfonate, a solubilizer, has low foaming, can remove protein stains and is wetting. It also inhibits corrosion. . Content: 36% About Witconate NAS-88 sodium sulfonate: Witconate NAS88 Sodium Sulfonate has rich and fine foam with low degre...…


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Materials and Methods of Quartz Powder

The process involves preparing the potassium silicate solution, ion exchange, gelation, freezing, thawing, drying, cleaning, and sintering. First, 500 g of potassium silicate solution was prepared by mixing with six wt% fumed silica, 2.4 wt% KOH, and...…


Many researchers are investigating the possibility of yttrium nitride

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Exfoliated Molybdenum disulfide flakes

What is Molybdenum disulfide?MoS2 is employed as a cocatalyst for desulfurization in petrochemistry, for example, hydrodesulfurization. The effectiveness of the MoS2 catalysts is enhanced by doping with small amounts of cobalt or nickel. The intimate...…

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