YouTube is hiding the number of dislikes, which is good news for switching online video teams

To be fair, the incredible growth of the Internet and social media, in particular, has changed its feel over the years. Those of us older can remember when the web was a rather quirky and surprisingly friendly place, but its all-encompassing


YouTube is now hiding dislike counts to deal with its harassment problem

YouTubes like and dislike counters have been fixed at the bottom of videos since the beginning, but now to combat harassment and so-called dislike attacks, YouTube is now hiding the dislike count. In YouTubes official blog, the company said,


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The effect of the gelation time in the chemical reaction to change the phase from sol to gel on the gel and quartz powder states was investigated by observing the absorbance spectra of the gels and powders at wavenumbers of 500–4000 cm−1. In the case of the gel state, four peaks appeared in the absorbance spectrum, i.e., a broad OH stretching peak at 3000–3700 cm−1 derived from the OH group, an OH bending peak at ~1640 cm−1, an asymmetric Si−O−Si stretching (VasSi−O−Si) peak at ~1075 cm−1, and a


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