ZnS photocatalyst

ZnS is a group of II–VI comprehensive band gap semiconductor materials with a band gap between 3.6-3.8 eV. The ZnS has two crystal structures: zinc blende and Wurtzite. Zinc blende, also called β‐ZnS, is stable at low temperatures, whereas Wurtzite, ...…


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What is Sodium Silica used in

What exactly is Sodium silicate? The sodium silicate, which is also known as paohua alkali is an inorganic chemical, its aqueous solution is frequently referred as sodium silicate which is a mineral adhesive. The chemical formula for it is Na2O*nSiO...…


Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Powder VAE Powder

Appearance. White powder N.W. : 25 kg/bagUtilization of redispersible polymer powderImprove flow propertiesIncreased strength in flexural areasReducing material water absorption Concrete accelerator product introduction Dispersible powder of po...…


Transistor sets a new standard for energy efficiency

Smartphones, laptops and smartwatches consume vast quantities of energy, yet only around half of this energy is actually used to power important functions. And with billions of these devices in use worldwide, a significant amount of energy…

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