Is zirconium nitride harmful to human body?

What's ZrN powder? Zirconium-nitride =105.2, density 7.99g/cm3, and is a light yellow powder. ZrN has high chemical stability and a low decomposition temperature, making it a tough refractory material. This makes ZrN resistant to high temperatures...…


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Nitinol It is made of shape memory alloy. This is a special metal alloy that, at a given temperature, can return to its original plastic shape. Memory alloys have a unique memory function and also excellent characteristics like wear resistance. The...…


Synthesis of Molybdenum disulfide

There are different techniques used to obtain material layers. Figure 2, and each of them results in different quantities, shapes, and sizes. Mainly, the approaches used in synthesizing TMDs nanostructures are the top-down and the bottom-up approache...…


High Purity BAM Aluminum Magnesium Boride AlMgB14 Powder

OPEC+ is likely to stick to its plan for a small increase in oil BAM powder will continue to be influenced by the oil supply shortage. About AlMgB14 alloy powder:Aluminum boride or Al3Mg3B56, commonly known as BAM, is a compound of alumin…

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