High Purity Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 Powder CAS 12039-90-6, 99.5%

Russia and Ukraine is an important exporters of oil, natural gas, metals, fertilizers, rare gases and other industrial raw materials. Affected by the further intensification of the tension of the war, the global market has become more worried about t


Introduction to Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 Powder

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen recently called on India and other countries to support sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine incident. At The Raisina Dialogue forum, von der Leyen said, "We earnestly appeal to all members of t


What is Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 Powder?

OPEC+ is likely to stick to its plan for a small increase in oil ZrSi2 Powder will continue to be influenced by the oil supply shortage. Introduction to Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 PowderZirconium silicide or zirconium disilicide, chemical f


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Recommendations for the consumption of silicon dioxide

FAO/WHO (2001) specifies the maximum amount of use for milk powder, cocoa powder, sweetened cocoa powder, edible sodium butter, and cocoa butter, with a dosage of 10 mg/kg; Cream fat is 1 g/kg; 15 g/kg of sucrose powder, glucose powder, soup powder, and soup pieces for coating; The FDA of the United States sets a maximum limit of 2% for this product as an anti knot agent. GB 2760-2011 "National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives" stipulates that it is used in egg powder, milk pow


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Lithium Nitride (Chemical fomular Li3N) is a metal nitrogen compound that is a purple or red crystalline solid, showing a light green luster under reflected light and a ruby color in transmitted light.


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What is the color of oxidized paint? An inorganic chemical compound, oxydation, that is insoluble when water is used is known as oxidation. Its molecular composition is PR6O11 . It is composed of cubic fluorite and it is the most stable oxygenation at both room temperature and under normal pressure. Oxidation The chemical formula for oxidation is Pr6O11, which is a black powder. The oxidation of oxygen is insoluble when it comes to water. It can be dissolved in acid to make provide and ha

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