Sodium Lauroamphoacetate CAS 156028-14-7

This product is an amphoteric mild surfactant with low irritation and good foam strength. About Sodium Lauroamphoacetate CAS156028-14-7 It is cationic in acidic conditions and can shield the skin by protecting Anions. Product Performance of th...…


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Boron Phosphide – Properties and Applications |

What property does boron phosphide have? Due to different preparation methods, boron phosphide Has red, dark-red, or black transparent crystals. Also, has soft, brown amorphous materials. The chemical properties are stable and it doesn't dissolv...…


The U.S. develops soft biosensor patch that can comprehensively monitor vital signs of children-a significant advancement in Ti3AlC2 Ceramic Material

A team of American scientists has developed a software biosensor patch that can be attached to the skin of critically ill infants or children to monitor vital signs and other information comprehensively. Such as heart fibrillation, movement,…


Preparation and properties of bismuth telluride composite thermoelectric thin films and devices

Based on the three ω transient heat flow method and the steady-state silicon nitride cantilever method to measure the thermal conductivity of thin film materials, two sets of complete thermal conductivity characterization platforms for carbon nanotub...…

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