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High Purity Silver Telluride Ag2Te Powder CAS 12002-99-2,99.99%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Silver Telluride Ag2Te Powder CAS 12002-99-2, 99.99%.


Use of calcium stearate emulsion

Calcium stearate emulsion is a white viscous liquid with the formula Ca(C17H35COO)2. Calcium stearate emulsion refers to calcium stearate waterborne, also known as water-based calcium stearate dispersion liquid; domestic demand is about 100,000 tons per month, and most rely on imports. Anhui has a domestic factory put into production. Calcium stearate is an excellent non-toxic heat stabilizer, lubricant, smooth, and water resistant for adhesives and coatings. It is widely used in the chemical pr


Synthesis and characterization of ATO nanoparticles

We aim to produce ATO nanoparticles suitable for electrode preparation, i.e., possessing an adequate electrical conductivity of ≥ 10−1 S/cm combined with the highest possible surface area to enable high capacities, moderate agglomerate size of ≤ 20 μm suitable for the fabrication of smooth electrode coatings, and no contamination by organic residues or chloride which likely would compromise cell performance. To pursue this goal, we apply a hydrothermal synthesis of ATO nanoparticles from chlorin

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