The Use of Oil Additives Will Be An Important Solution to Energy Consumption

Friction is an unavoidable natural phenomenon. The fuel used to reduce the friction and wear of mechanical parts each year accounts for 1/3 of the total fuel consumption. Besides, friction can cause unproductive loss of mechanical energy, sh…


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Molybdenum disulfide nanoelectromechanical system: ultra-thin, ultra-small, ultra-low power consumption

Molybdenum disulfide used for nanoelectromechanical system with ultra-thin, ultra-small, ultra-low power consumption.…


Peculiarity of copper oxides

Copper oxides are unusual in two respects. First, octahedral-site CuII:t6e3 contains a single e hole in the 3d shell, which makes it orbitally degenerate and, therefore, a strong Jahn–Teller ion; consequently, CuII ions normally occupy square coplana...…


Thermoelectric Properties of Ti Doping in Bismuth Telluride

The Ti-doped Bi 2 Te 3 with concentrations 1, 3, and 5 in % Ti were synthesized using a simple powder metallurgy method. It is revealed that the optimum Ti addition in parent material changes the conduction type from undoped n-type into p-type with 1...…

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