Introduction to the basic situation of vanadium carbide

Vanadium carbide is an inorganic compound whose molecular formula is VC, a black cubic crystal. The melting point is 2810°C, the boiling point is 3900°C, and the relative density is 5.77. Slightly harder than quartz.…


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Does foam concrete absorb water

What is Concrete Foaming Agent?"Foamed concrete" is made by adding a foaming agent into a mixed mortar in a truck mixer. Foamed concrete is a nonstructural void filler that excavators can dig out. It is used for trench backfill and similar applicatio...…


40 Years of Quantum Leap: An Important Turning Point in Condensed Matter Physics

The quantum Hall effect is a quantum mechanical version of the Hall effect, which defines the relationship between the magnetic field and the induced voltage.…


Cement foaming agent for producing foam concrete

What is cement foaming agent?Cement foaming agent, also known as foam concrete foaming agent, refers to the additive that can reduce the surface tension of the liquid and produce a large number of uniform and stable foam to produce foam concrete. The...…

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