Introduction to the basic situation of vanadium carbide

Vanadium carbide is an inorganic compound whose molecular formula is VC, a black cubic crystal. The melting point is 2810°C, the boiling point is 3900°C, and the relative density is 5.77. Slightly harder than quartz.


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Synthesis of polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

In situ polymerization grafting method: using polyether as the medium of unsaturated monomer polymerization, the main chain polymerization and the introduction of the side chain can be carried out at the same time, the process is simple, and the molecular weight of the synthesized water-reducing agent can be controlled to a certain extent, but the esterification reaction involved in this method is a reversible reaction, resulting in a low grafting rate in aqueous solution, which has been gradual


Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy – Classification and Application |

Nitinol A type of functional material known as shape memory alloy has excellent strength, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. It is also non-toxic. There are promising medical applications. It can only be deformed by Nitinol in its low temperature phase and then restored to the original shape by adding 20-300 degrees Celsius. It can expand at more than 20%, has an average fatigue life of up to 107 years, and its damping characteristics is better than most. Nitinol Wire classification


Flow aid silica

What is silicon dioxide?Silicon dioxide is an inorganic compound substance with the chemical formula of SiO2. Silicon and oxygen atoms are arranged in a long-term order to form crystalline silicon dioxide and in short-term order or long-term disorder to form amorphous silicon dioxide. Silica existing in nature, such as quartz, and quartz sand, is collectively called silica. Pure quartz is a colorless crystal. Large and transparent prismatic quartz crystals are called crystals. Those with trace i

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