PVC-SiO2 Separator – Properties and Applications

PVC-SiO2 separators are also called wet-process PVC separators, which are mainly used in valve-controlled sealed lead-acid gel batteries. It has better oxidation resistance and chemical stability than polyethylene PE separator.…


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High temperature oxidation of calcium hexaboride powders

What is calcium hexaboride?The oxidation process of calcium hexaboride (CaB6) ceramic powder was investigated systematically in this paper. The CaB6 powder samples were heated continuously from room temperature to 1473 K at a heating rate of 10 K/min...…


Why is tantalum carbide easy to be melted and decomposed by potassium pyrosulfate

What is tantalum-carbide? Tantalum carbide The advantages of (TaC ceramic particles include a high melting temperature (3880), high hardness (2100HV0.05), excellent chemical stability, strong thermal and electrical conductivity and good chemical ...…


Main uses of silicon powder

As an efficient active admixture, it can significantly improve concrete's strength, impermeability, frost resistance, and durability. The characteristics of silica fume concrete have received attention. Silica fume concrete is widely used in water co...…

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