What is Bismuth Sulfide Powder?

How do you define it? Bismuth Sulfide Pulver ? Bismuth sulfuride is a yellowish brown powder or crystal that has a specific gravity at 7.39. It is easily broken down at 685°C. It's insoluble in water and in ethyl-acetate. Here are some...…


What is Bismuth?

The Incas had long included bismuth to a special sort of bronze alloy reducing tool, however, for long time bismuth was just vaguely comprehended and was usually puzzled with silver, lead and also tin.Bismuth'' s Latin name originates from the German...…


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Characteristics and Challenges of Fumed Silica

What is Fumed silica?Fumed silica (pyrogenic silica and silicon dioxide) is one of the lightest substances known. Fumed silicas are very light and fluffy and have bulk densities of 3 lbs/cu ft (38 kg/cu m). Silicon metals and alloys are produced in e...…


Tin dioxide

Tin dioxide (SnO2), an important type of semiconductor with a wide band gap (Eg = 3.6 eV), exhibits excellent optical, electrical, and chemical properties and high thermal stability. In recent years, doped SnO2 and SnO2- based materials, such as Sb-d...…


Preparation Methods And Application of Aluminum Carbide

Aluminum carbide (Al4C3) is an ionic compound with a diamond-hexahedral structure, which has high hardness, shear strength, and melting point, making it an ideal second-phase strengthening material for aluminum-based materials.…

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