In addition to flowers in the Netherlands, semiconductor material bismuth sulphide is also affected

he Netherlands is the "Tulip Kingdom", and it should have been the peak sales season right now. However, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, demand in the European market plummeted. It is reported that the Dutch national flower ma...…


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Now Apple Wallet can add a COVID-19 vaccine card

Apple is now allowing users to add their COVID-19 vaccination cards to the Wallet app for easy access to vaccination certificates. Apple announced last month that it will soon roll out an iOS update that will allow users to download and stor…


The oil price has dived, will the foaming agent follow it?

On the 18th, international oil prices "dived" sharply, creating the most significant drop in nearly 20 years. At the close of the day, the cost of light crude oil futures delivered in April on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at $ 20...…


Nanoscopy through a plasmonic nanolens

Simulated far-field images from a single emitter in the gap progressively shifted sideways. (A) Schematic plasmonic NPoM with vertically oriented dipole emitter placed at r, up to 15 nm offset from center. (B) Simulated far-field real-space…

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