Calcium hydride and its precautions

What's Calcium Hydride? Calcium hydroide This inorganic compound has the chemical formula CaH2 and a molecularweight of 42.10. These grayish-white crystals are easily deliquescent and can be used to make lumps or reducing agents. This crystal is ...…


The Property and Synthesis Method of Calcium Hydride |

What does calcium hydride mean? Ca hydride Is an inorganic compound with a chemical composition of CaH2 a molecularweight of 42.10. A grayish-white, lumpy crystal that is easily deliquescent and can be used as a reducing agent or desiccant. It can...…


Calcium hydride is widely used as a desiccant for alkaline solvents

What does calcium hydride mean? CaH2 is the chemical name for Calcium Hydride. This compound is an alkaline-earth metal hydride. This powder, which is sometimes pure white or white, reacts strongly with water and emits hydrogen. CaH2 is therefore us...…


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