What is calcium stearate water based emulsion?

Calcium stearate dispersion is used as a water-repellent, anti-caking, anti weathering and release agent in cement, paint and other coatings. It is used as an internal lubricant and acid scavenger in polymer processing. It is also used in paper makin...…


What does calcium stearate do?

Casium Stearate The white powder with a soft feel is Calcite stearate. It dissolves in organic solvents like ethanol or toluene. Slowly, it is broken down to make stearic acids. But it's not gluten-free. The safety of eating it is a matter of debate....…


What is Calcium stearate emulsion?

What is Calcium stearate emulsion? Calcium stearate emulsion refers to calcium stearate water-based, also known as water-based calcium stearate, calcium stearate dispersion liquid, milky dispersion, easy to disperse in water, with a sense o…


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