What is Few Layer Graphene?

How do you define it? F ew ayer raphene ? The graphene layer is made of very thin layers composed of carbon atoms that are arranged in honeycomb lattices. Here are some of the key features F...…


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Why is gallium nitride important?| Mis-asia News

How do you define it? g allium nitride? The inorganic compound gallium nitride, with the chemical formula GAN, is an organic substance. It's a mixture of nitrogen, galium and is commonly used for light-emitting diodes. It is similar in structu...…


Graphite has a layer structure

What is graphite?Graphite is a naturally occurring modification of carbon (chemical formula: C). Its atoms arrange themselves in the hexagonal pattern, which is typical for carbon, and thus form a hexagonal layered lattice. Graphite gets its typical ...…


Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Stimulate the Immune Response

Copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO NPs) are increasingly used in industry sectors. Moreover, the medical application of CuO NPs as antimicrobials also contributes to human exposure. Their toxicity, including toxicity to the immune system and blood, rais...…

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