Low-cost Catalysts Help Convert Seawater into Fuel On A Large Scale

The efficiency of the molybdenum carbide catalyst is two orders of magnitude higher than that of the traditional platinum-based catalyst. This research result improves the safety of hydrogen energy utilization.


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The Applications of MnO2 Powder

How do you define it? MnO2 Oil ? Manganese dioxide has an inorganic chemical compound, MnO2. It comes in the form of a black powder, or an orthorhombic crystal. It is not soluble in water, weak acid or weak base and cold sulfuric acids. Used as an oxidant and rust remover. These are some of the properties of MnO2 Pulver 1. pH and Alkalinity. Manganese dioxide is both an acidic and an alkalinous oxide. This is a stable, black powdery liquid at room temperatures that can be used


Four Processing Methods And Precautions For Teflon PTFE Plastic Materials

Teflon PTFE plastic raw material processing is roughly divided into four types: compression moulding, roll moulding, injection moulding, and secondary processing.


The synthetic employing of calcium stearate in the market

Another kind is the two-step method, and preparation calcium stearate powder is distributed to the calcium stearate powder under the effect of auxiliary agents such as surfactant in the water more uniformly earlier, grinds at last. This method is simply easy and is the maximum method of the synthetic employing of calcium stearate in the market; But, because calcium stearate has stronger hydrophobicity, the shortcoming is that the emulsifying dispersant consumption is big, and the relative cost i

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