Huawei is working on a new plan to circumvent US sanctions

Since the Trump administration cracked down on Huawei, initially banning the company from selling products in the United States and eventually from working with any American companies, the Chinese conglomerate has been effectively banned fr…


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Advanced materials: cation - π interaction in graphene system

cation - π interaction is a kind of non covalent interaction which is ubiquitous in nature especially in life is essential in many life reactions. In recent years the key role of cation - π interaction in biology chemistry physics has bee…


What is Boron powder?

Boron has the largest volume of heat, second only to beryllium by weight. Slightly soluble in nitric acid, insoluble in water.Amorphous boron is chemically active. Powder and air can form an explosive mixture. Reduction of boron anhydride b…


It is possible that the auction of undeveloped gas fields in Indonesia will have an impact on the market for 3d printed sand molds cost

Market trend of ceramic sand 3d printed sand molds cost The global market sales of ...…

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