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Molten Nitinol is highly reactive and must be processed in vacuum

Having close to fifty percent Ti, molten Nitinol is highly reactive and must be processed in a vacuum. Both vacuum induction melting (VIM) and consumable vacuum arc melting (VAR) processes are commonly used for production. Other melting processes, su...…


The first Windows 11 patch released Tuesday made AMD CPUs run slower than the release version

One thorny issue: With Intels Alder Lake down in the coming weeks, Microsoft may have spent too much time optimizing Windows 11s hybrid CPU architecture, which combines the core of performance and efficiency. This results in AMD CPUs being p…


Enterprise scale of Silicon Micropowder

From the perspective of industrial enterprise scale, although China is rich in quartz and has a wide distribution of mineral resources, and there are nearly 100 large and small Silicon Micro powder factories nationwide, they are township enterprises....…

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