Dust Collection for Fumed Silica

Fumed silica is an artificial substance, so it’s no surprise that it’s known by multiple names—Diatomaceous earth, Diatomaceous silica, Diatomite, Silicon dioxide (amorphous), and Vitreous silica, at least. In fact, before 1989, its official name was silica (amorphous). Today, however, industry and regulators tend to call the substance fumed silica—not to be confused with silica fume, which is an industrial byproduct quite different from fumed silica. Fumed silica is a beneficial industrial chem


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400 mg of sample is pressed into a pellet of 6 mm Ø with an applied pressure of 400 kg (approx. 1400 bar) using a hydraulic pellet press (PE-011, Mauthe, Germany) and a pressing tool made in-house. The tool features an electrically insulating polyoxymethylene (POM) cylinder with an axial drill hole, a stainless steel (SS) bottom part, and a SS stamp. The upper part of the stamp is 15 mm Ø and travels directly in the drill hole for precise vertical alignment, whereas the lower part is 6 mm Ø and

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