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Laser & Photonics reviews: generation and manipulation of spatially entangled photon states using nonlinear metamaterials

Since the birth of quantum mechanics quantum entanglement is one of the most representative concepts. After some initial treatment two or more particles can enter a state of seemingly "hyperspace correlation": even if they are separated by ...…


DC-DC converter is an important electrical equipment to realize the power conversion of electrical system

DC/DC converter is a device that transforms a voltage value into another voltage value in the direct current circuit.…


MAX Special Ceramics Material Niobium Aluminum Carbide Nb2AlC Powder

Item No.: Tr- Nb2AlC Niobium aluminum carbide is a new member of ceramic materials, which combines many advantages of metals and ceramics. Nb2AlC powder has extremely excellent high temperature mechanical properties.Purity: 99%Particle Size:…

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