The Applications of MnO2 Powder

How do you define it? MnO2 Oil ? Manganese dioxide has an inorganic chemical compound, MnO2. It comes in the form of a black powder, or an orthorhombic crystal. It is not soluble in water, weak acid or weak base and cold sulfuric acids. U...…


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Preparation of iron oxide

Iron oxide: wet method: Quickly react with a certain amount of 5% ferrous sulfate solution with an excess sodium hydroxide solution (requiring an excess of 0.04-0.08g/ml of alkali). A colloidal solution of iron hydroxide, introduced into the air at r...…


Molybdenum disulfide is the inorganic compound with the formula MoS2

What is Molybdenum disulfide?Molybdenum Disulfide is a moderate water and acid-soluble Molybdenum source for uses compatible with sulfates. Sulfate compounds are salts or sulfuric acid esters formed by replacing one or both hydrogens with a metal. Mo...…


Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Powder

Fumed Alumina can be used in flow aids, as anti-adhesion for PET film, fluorescent tube, and lightbulb and also as an environmental-friendly powder coating to protect and bond. Purity: >=98% Fumed Alumina Fumed Alkyl Oxide Alumina (aluminium diox...…

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