The applications of Chromium Carbide Powder

An overview of Chromium Carbide Powder Chromium carbide This organic compound has the molecular formula Cr3C2 (molecular weight 180) and an organic structure. Gray powder,orthorhombic crystal system,a = 2.821,b = 5.52,c = 11.46,melting p...…


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Aluminum Silicon Carbide Al/SiC

Al SiC (alluminum silicon carbide) is a metallic-based thermal management compound made up of silicon carbide and aluminum. It is used as a packaging material for electronic parts. The combination of aluminum with high volume frac is what it refers t...…


The Seven Methods for Preparing Spherical Alumina

Spherical Alumina Spherical alumina is produced through high temperature melt injection. This produces a high rate of spherical growth, high alpha-phase aluminum oxide content and superior performance in rubber, plastic, and ceramic materials. Her...…


Two-dimensional materials for ultrascaled field-effect transistors

Arranged around it are a selection of 2-D materials that have been investigated. With the increasing miniaturization of electronic components, researchers are struggling with undesirable side effects: In the case of nanometer-scale transist…

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