Analysis of the causes of concrete slump loss

Whether the cement used and the pumping agent are matched and adapted must be obtained through the adaptability test. The optimum amount of the pumping agent should be determined through the adaptability test with the cement cementitious material.…


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What does fake Quartz look like

What is Quartz?It is a glass with a very high content of pure silica (SiO2 ≥ 99.9%) abstracted, e.g., with quartzites and rock crystals. It is resistant to water and strong acids (excluding hydrofluoric acid) and low resistance (compared with other g...…


How to Use Stearic Acid in Cosmetics

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Caprylamidopropyl betaine

ODAB-35 can be used with a variety of surfactants. These include amphoteric, cationic and nonionic. The foam is rich and beautiful, it is stable and has good solubilization. Caprylamidopropyl benzene: ODAB-35 can be used with a variety of surfacta...…

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