Ti/Cu Clad Rod titanium-copper composite rod

Introduction of titanium/copper clad rods Titanium-copper composite rods:Titanium-copper composite rod is a metal composite titanium material with a certain thickness of titanium layer coated around the copper rod. According to the geometry of its cr...…


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Silicon Nitride Ceramics – Properties and Application

Silicon nitride ceramics is a synthetic material. In its structure, the covalent bond between silicon atoms and nitrogen atoms is strong. Therefore, silicon nitride ceramics have high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistanc...…


Electrochemical assessment of vanadium hydride

What is vanadium hydride?The vanadium hydride materials V(IV)-100 and V(IV)-25C-H2 were tested for room temperature hydrogen storage to compare their activity to V(III) alkyl hydride gels previously synthesized by our group. 9c Hydrogen PCT adsorptio...…


Yahoo pulls out of China

Tuesday, Yahoo said it was pulling out of China, citing an increasingly challenging business and legal environment in the country.It is the second major US technology company to announce recently that it will pull out of the Chinese market…

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