What is In625 Powder?

How do you define it? In625 Silk ? Nconel625, an alloy grade of aluminum with 8.4 grams per cubic meter and a melting point between 1290-1350 degC is it. It is highly resistant to organic acid corrosion. Here are some of the key featur...…


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What does magnesium nitride mean? Magnesium-nitride It is an organic compound that contains nitrogen and magnesium. The molecular formula for Mg3N2 has a molecularweight of 100.94944. It belongs to the cubic-crystalline system. At room tempe...…


High Quality Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion

is a reliable supplier for high quality Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion.…


Types and functions of concrete additives including Concrete air entrained

Concrete additives can be divided into four categories according to their functions:1, Improve concrete mixing logistics variable performance of admixtures, such as various functions of water reducer.2, Adjust the concrete setting time,…

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