The Applications of Molybdenum Carbide

How do you define it? Molybdenum Cartbide ? Molybdenum carbide is a type of transition metal carbide. Molybdenum Carbide's main attributes Molybdenum Carbide or Molybdenum Carbide can be described as a grey hexagonal crystal. It exhi...…


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ATO cathodes from Li-O2 cells in different states

The total amount of LiOH is quantified by titration with an aqueous solution of HCl using methyl red as an indicator while purging the titrant solution with argon to avoid the dissolution of atmospheric CO2. It has to be noted that dissolved CO2 from...…


The Properties and Multi-band Superconductivity of Magnesium Boride |

What is Magnesium Boride? Magnesium boron diboride is an ionic complex with a hexagonal crystalline structure. It is an intercalation-type compound, with alternate layers of magnesium and boran. Researchers discovered in the year 2001 that a se...…


Materials and Methods of Quartz Powder

The process involves preparing the potassium silicate solution, ion exchange, gelation, freezing, thawing, drying, cleaning, and sintering. First, 500 g of potassium silicate solution was prepared by mixing with six wt% fumed silica, 2.4 wt% KOH, and...…

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