The Applications of Hafnium Diboride Powder

Review of Hafnium Diboride Pulver Hafnium boride This is a gray crystal that has metallic luster. It exhibits high conductivity and is stable in chemical terms. At room temperature it does not react with hydrofluoric acids or any other chem...…


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Properties of calcium Hexaboride

What is Calcium hexaboride?CaB6 is Calcium hexaboride structured and crystallizes in the cubic Pm-3m space group. The structure is three-dimensional. Ca is bonded in a 1-coordinate geometry to twenty-four equivalent B atoms. All Ca–B bond lengths are...…


What are the properties of foam concrete

What is foam concrete?Foam concrete is classified as a highly air-entrained sand cement, or cement-only slurry with greater than 20% air by volume. "a cementitious material that consists of minimum 20 percent foam". The mixes that Propump provides ra...…


Introduction to Concrete Additives (2)

In this article, the set retarder, the air-entraining agent, and the accelerating agent are going to be talked about.…

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