The Applications of Titanium Boride

How do you define it? Titanium Boride ? Gray or gray-black titanium boride is powder with hexagonal crystal structures. It is very hard and has a melting point of 2980degC. Titanium dioxide has an air anti-oxidation temperature at 1000°C....…


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The Characteristics and Application of Quartz Powder

What is Quartz Pulp? Quartz powder can also be known as silicon fine. This is a wear-resistant, stable, silicate mineral that is very hard. SiO2 is its major mineral ingredient. Colors of quartz sand include milky white or transparent, hardness 7, sh...…


Why bismuth Cannot conduct electricity

Bismuth is a metal having five electrons in its outermost shell and high resistance to electric current. So, it is a poor conductor of electricity. Also, Bismuth is seldom mined independently because it is not profitable enough. Usually, it is extrac...…


What is Nickel boride

Nickel boride is an efficient catalyst and reducing agent. It is used as a heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst.…

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