Crystalline Flake Graphite

What is graphite?This variety of Graphite is typically formed by the metamorphism of coal beds or carbon-rich sediments associated with igneous activity. It is generally a soft, darker black-colored graphite, less reflective than other varieties of n...…


Classification of graphite

The process performance and use of graphite are mainly determined by its degree of crystallinity. Natural graphite can be divided into two industrial types: crystalline graphite (flake graphite) and cryptocrystalline graphite (earth graphite…


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Inorganic non-metallic material Silicon Micropowder

What is Silicon Micropowder?Silicon micropowder is a non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free material. "It has excellent dielectric properties, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity. The silicon micro powder series produ...…


Microsoft has expanded its Translator capabilities to 100 languages

Today, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Translator, its artificial intelligence text translation service, now supports over 100 different languages and dialects. With the addition of 12 new languages, including Georgian, Macedonian, Tibeta…


The structure of silica

Depending on the structure of silica, it can appear as a clear, odourless, crystalline or amorphous powder (sometimes called silica powder). As the USDA describes, amorphous silica has "highly unique physical and chemical properties and potential as ...…

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