What is Titanium Carbide?

How do you define it? Titanium Carbide ? TiC has the chemical formula, while its molecular mass is 59.89. Gray metallic, cubic lattice solid. The melting point, boiling point, and relative density are 3140+-90 and 4820 respectively. A har...…


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Processing and properties of Hollow glass powder particulate

Selective laser sintering (SLS) to prepare composites by adding filler into the polymer effectively saves costs and reinforces the sintered parts. This article investigated the fabrication of PA2200 composites filled with different volume fractions o...…


Apple will switch to its own iPhone modem design in 2023

According to Nikkei News, Apple plans to cooperate with TSMC to produce its own 5G modem for the future iPhone. It is said that Apple plans to use TSMCs 4nm process node, which has not yet been deployed for any commercial products. The mode…


Cocoamidopropyl betaine CAS 61789-40-0

Has low irritation and compatibility, which can improve the softness of products, their conditioning, and low temperature stability. Cocoamidopropyl benzene CAS 61789-40-0 : Has excellent compatibility, solubility, foaming and thickening qualities...…

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