Amazon began rolling out smart home dash screens and other new features for the Fire TV

Today, Amazon began rolling out new features and features for its line of Fire TV streaming devices, as well as the recently announced Fire TV Omni and Series 4 TVs.At the top of the pile is a smart home dashboard that looks similar to the F


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Boron Carbide powder overview Boron carbide The characteristics include low density, strength, excellent high temperature stability and chemical stability. This makes it a popular choice for wear-resistant material, ceramic reinforcement phases, lightweight armor and reactor neutron absorbers. It is also easier to produce than diamond or cubic boron nutride, making it more popular. You can use it to replace diamonds. B4C powder features high purity, low particle size distribution and a


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Low friction coefficient materials and electrical contact materials. The large size and high orientation of MAX phase crystals, combined with their self-lubricating properties, make MAX phase an excellent potential for developing defective friction coefficient materials. Due to the functional characteristics of electric contact materials for current transmission and conversion, candidate materials must have good thermal and conductive properties, high strength, high-temperature stability, excell


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More than 300 public aquariums worldwide, and more than 100 have opened since 1990. According to incomplete statistics, aquariums (including those in zoos) attract up to 450 million visitors yearly, with far-reaching economic and educational implications. The fast-growing "aquarium industry" (from pure commercial, municipal, and research institutions to charitable organizations) is often closely linked to economic recovery plans for aging ports and industrial areas.

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