How to clean industrial bearings

When disassembling an industrial bearing for maintenance, first record the appearance of the industrial bearings , confirm the amount of remaining oil, and sample the lubricant for inspection before cleaning the bearing s. As for cleaning a


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Compound semiconductor material water reducing agent

What is water reducing agent?Firstly, the water-reducing agent can reduce the unit amount of Water used in concrete mixing without affecting the workability of the concrete to reduce the water-cement ratio and effectively improve the strength of concrete; Secondly, the water-reducing agent does not reduce the concrete mix performance other. At first sight, lithium having a high value of ionization energy amongst alkali metals, acts as the strongest reducing agent in solution. Reducing agents, ox


Gas pressure on the reaction kinetics for synthesizing graphite

To further examine the effect of CO2 concentration and gas pressure on the reaction kinetics for synthesizing graphite, inert argon was first introduced into the 35 bar CO2–LiAlH4 reactor until the gas pressure of 75 bar was reached. During heating, CO2 reacted with LiAlH4 as sudden changes in temperatures and gas pressure were detected. The as-synthesized carbon exhibits stronger XRD peaks of graphite and weaker XRD peaks of amorphous carbon than the carbon synthesized under 35 bar CO2, further


Vapor silica effectively facilitates the flow

What is vaporous silica?Vapour silica is one of the most essential high-tech ultrafine inorganic new materials, with porous, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, the average primary particle size of about 7-40 nano, specific surface area of 50 ~ 380m2/g, high product purity, SiO2 content is not less than 99.8%, is a kind of multi-functional additives. Vapour silica is a kind of ultrafine powder material obtained by hydrolysis and condensation of halosilane in hydrogen and oxygen flame at hig

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