YouTube is hiding the number of dislikes, which is good news for switching online video teams

To be fair, the incredible growth of the Internet and social media, in particular, has changed its feel over the years. Those of us older can remember when the web was a rather quirky and surprisingly friendly place, but its all-encompassing…


YouTube is now hiding dislike counts to deal with its harassment problem

YouTubes like and dislike counters have been fixed at the bottom of videos since the beginning, but now to combat harassment and so-called dislike attacks, YouTube is now hiding the dislike count. In YouTubes official blog, the company said,…


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Netflix now offers Android video games to paying subscribers

After regional restrictions earlier this year, Netflixs game promotion officially kicks off this week when the company releases an update to its Android app. All Netflix users on Android will see a line labeled N Games or Mobile Games in the…


XRD analysis of the initial β Fe2O3 sample

XRD analysis of the initial β-Fe2O3 sample was recorded on a PANalytical X'Pert PRO diffractometer in the Bragg-Brentano geometry, equipped with an iron-filtered CoKα radiation source, an X'Celerator detector, a programmable divergence, and diffracte...…


Has the graphene age come?

Graphene — a two-dimensional carbon film just one atom thick — is an excellent material.…

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