New electrode configuration improves volumetric performance of supercapacitors

The new design with alternately stacked electrode configurations helps to enhance the volume performance of supercapacitors and achieve high energy density without sacrificing power performance.


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Market ExpectationBuilding curtain wall technology embodies both engineering and artistic elements in its product form. Fluorocarbon-coated aluminum veneers have become an indispensable part of high-rise building curtain walls and interior decoration due to their excellent resistance against fading, corrosion, UV radiation cracking and weathering. However, fluorocarbon-coated aluminum veneers have several inadvertent drawbacks that cannot be avoided, including large pollution levels, increased e


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What is zirconia Zirconium Dioxide has the chemical formula ZrO2. It is zirconium's main oxide. Normal conditions result in a white, tasteless and odorless crystal. It's insoluble with water, hydrochloric or dilute sulfuric acid. Chemically, it is inactive. Its properties include high melting point and resistivity, as well as high refractive indices and low thermal expansion coefficient. Plasma method A gas is ionized significantly when heated to 3000degC and nearly completely by 5500de


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Liquid metals, especially gallium and gallium alloys, can be liquid at room temperature. They have the characteristics of fluidity, low viscosity, good biocompatibility, and high thermal conductivity. These characteristics make gallium-base

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