What are the colors of ferric oxide, ferric chloride, ferric oxide and copper oxide respectively

It needs to be more accurate to distinguish just by color because color has something to do with concentration. Take four kinds of liquid to add potassium thiocyanate, and turn it into blood-red ferric chloride. The color is relatively dark after con...…


Nano-Ferrosoferric oxide Fe3O4 have a special application in biomedicine

What is nano Ferrosoferric oxide?Ferrosoferric oxide is also called Iron (II, III) oxide, Fe3O4. Black Fe3O4 is a mixed-valence oxide of iron with a melting factor of 1597 ℃ and a thickness of 5.18 g/cm3. It is insoluble in water but soluble in acid ...…


What color is ferroferric oxide?

The ferroferricous oxide is not ferrous metal ferrite (FeO2) nor a mixture thereof (Fe2O3). However, TR-Fe3O4 could be roughly regarded (FeO*Fe2O3) as a compound between ferrous oxide, ferric oxide, and iron oxide. This substance is insoluble but sol...…


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