Newly Formulated Reaction Helps Produce New Antitumor Drugs

RUDN University chemists have proposed a new reaction to synthesize organic compounds in one vessel.…


What is Cuprous oxide?

What is Cuprous oxide ? The chemical formula of cuprous oxide is Cu2O, a univalent copper oxide.It is a bright red powdery solid that is almost insoluble in water.Cuprous oxide dismutases into bivalent copper and copper elemental in acidic…


Why use zinc sulfide as a white pigment?

Zinc sulfide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula ZnS. It is the main form of zinc in nature, and zinc mainly exists in the form of the mineral sphalerite. Although minerals are usually black due to various impurities, pure sub…


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A new generation of brain-computer exoskeleton robots helps people transform into "Hercules"

Brain-computer exoskeleton robots uses the EEG signals generated by the visual cortex to realize mind control, thereby helping people lift heavy objects.…


The Xbox mini fridges were sold out

After months of memes and anticipation, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X Refrigerator on Tuesday for online preorders.The mini fridge sold out almost immediately, with some gaming sites reporting that it sold out in 15 minutes, while ot…


Scientists slow and steer light with resonant nanoantennas

An artist rendering of a high-Q metasurface beamsplitter. These “high-quality-factor” or “high-Q” resonators could lead to novel ways of manipulating and using light. Light is notoriously fast. Its speed is crucial for rapid informa…

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